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Hank West "Good Ol' Hank" is an Artist, Designer, Producer and Personality.   Originally from Los Angeles, Hank has been involved in the storytelling, media, and experience space since he was 2-years-old. Growing up under the wing of his grandmother, Selma–a pioneering entrepreneur and party planner who produced everything from galas to celebrity weddings (most notably The Predators’ Ball, and Emilio Estevez & Paula Abdul's Wedding)–Hank came of age touring hotels and venues across Southern California. His fondest memories, though, are of his grandmother’s fabrication shop, where studio prop makers and production designers created epic set pieces, ensuring their clients’ big days were unforgettable–more than what they could have imagined.


While studying at the University of Southern California, Hank joined the new media venture incubator at Bloomberg LP,  working directly for Lex Fenwick, the former CEO.  After graduation, Hank landed at Disney Studios, having the good fortune to work under Disney’s former CEO, Bob Chapek in Digital Distribution and Consumer Products. 


At the Mouse House, Hank participated in the studio’s exclusive executive mentorship program learning from Disney’s top executives exactly what goes into creating "the happiest place on earth."

Before venturing off on his own, Hank developed the art of cultivating experiences by fusing entertainment, media, hospitality, and consumer products. Based on this experience, Hank produced CAA's top underground comedy show of 2017 from the historic fairytale house of Culver City.

In 2018, Hank built upon this success, and crafted his first short-term rental property in Portland, OR using upcycled materials.


Returning to LA in 2019 for a position at Gen!us, a 100-million marijuana fund, Hank undertook the challenge of increasing sales at the fledgling start-up. In just a few months, under Hank’s supervision as the Vice President of Grass Roots marketing, sales increased 500%. (Unfortunately, the pandemic was too much for the company to withstand.)


In 2020, Hank packed his bags and moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where he teamed up with Architect Brian Leounis to design and build a feature wall and green room at Charleston’s Credit One Stadium.  

Over his career,  Hank has worked with some of the most innovative consumer brands on a creative, sales, and logistics basis. Most notably, he was involved in shooting Michael Jordan in his only Nike campaign of the last ten years. And, as a storyteller himself, Hank has optioned several concepts to major Hollywood studios and he has overseen dozens of social media campaigns for various content and advertising partners, garnering millions of views.

In  September, 2023 Hank launched his flagship brand Truck Stop Chic centered around Timeless Americana. Since It's inception the company has seen rapid user adoption across social media platforms and he aims to continue growing the brand across media verticals.


​Personally, Hank loves DJing, introducing his new and old friends to fire tracks that get the party started.

He still holds the record for most water bottles sold on the Venice Beach boardwalk, which he set in 5th grade.

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